Become a partner of Beauty And Me

Win-win or not win-win?

If I tell you that I have a problem, and that you can help me to solve it totally and definitively, while giving you a small advantage, what do you answer me?

  • Here’s my problem: I’m an artist and craftsman who produces things, some of which appeal to a part of the public, but it’s naturally difficult to get people to come to my site to sell them.
    • The product pages are by nature too short to be indexed on Google.
    • Paid advertising is too expensive.
    • So I have a hard time getting visits.
  • You can help me solve this problem if you have a website, a store, a Facebook page or group, a Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest profile, a mailing-list
    • All you have to do is place a link to the store on your site.
    • You then earn 10% on the sales generated by the visits coming from your site.

I win, you win. A little or a lot.

Isn’t life beautiful?



What do I have to do to participate?

  • Sign up at the bottom of this page to create a partner account at
  • This gives you access to your partner account which provides you with your partner ID and adds it to the links:

  • You also have access to ready-made visuals, in different formats, with integrated links: all you have to do is copy and paste the code!
  • Place the link(s) or code(s) on your site.
An example of image you can place on your site with a link to More examples

And then you have nothing more to do.


How much can I earn?

It depends on the traffic sent by your site (or your emails, posts etc) to mine, and the behavior of the visitors.

If you send me 100 visits per day and one visit out of 100 generates a sale of 10€, then you earn 10% of 10€ or 1€/day. If a visit from your site generates a sale of 150€, you earn 15€.

You can follow the stats in your partner account:

Your earnings will be sent to you by Paypal or bank transfer every time they exceed the payment threshold of 50€.

You have nothing to lose, any gain is good to take, right?


How are my earnings calculated?

Your commission is 10% on the amount of any purchase on made by a person coming from your site within the previous 30 days, excluding VAT and shipping costs, but including the various discounts and promo codes.

So, if you made a link from your site to a Rimbaud poster on my site, and someone clicks your link and doesn’t buy the Rimbaud poster, but buys any item on my site, you earn 10% of the value of the sale.

The website knows how to detect that a sale is due to a visitor coming from your website, thanks to the code added on my links at the end of the url.


What are my commitments?

None of them. Really none. Either you bring back traffic and earn commissions on it, or nothing happens. If you remove or stop any link to my site, without having made any sales, we’ll stop there.


How do I terminate?

Juste contact me, I send you your balance if you have one, and I close your account.


Registration form

Small partnership between friends

Fill out this form to become a partner of Beauty And Me.

You will then access your Partner Account, with the link and examples of codes and visuals to integrate on your site.

In the field “payment email”, put the email of your Paypal account if you have one. Otherwise leave the field empty.